BUBM iPad Messenger Bag

Rp 285.000

* Arrival a sophisticated fashion netbook portable carriers for iPad.
* Beautifully streamlined design and full of wisdom internal space management, highlighting a simple abstract style, ensure your IPAD to get the best protection and the ride journey.

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Product Description

BUBM iPad Messenger Bag

Specification: nylon fabric, waterproof, anti-deformation, within inches of high-density mercerized cloth, the soft feel spacious Vice cabin space can be placed on the charger, wallet, headphones or computer accessories outer pockets inside the cabin to prevent the power cord, hard andother accessories on the back pocket to prevent the need to quickly remove items at any time, such as newspapers, snacks or documents vice extravehicular with connection security pocket phone, passport and other important items can be placed, security burglar top of the handle can be easily and conveniently package mentioned in the handon removable thickened shoulder strap, thicker shoulder pads, more comfortable and convenient to carry.

Accessories: thick shoulder strap, thicker shoulder pad

Peripheral degrees: 30 * 23 * 5.5 cm

Weight: 0.5 kg