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IK Multimedia iKlip 2

Rp 600.000

  • * Universal Microphone Stand Adapter for your iPad and iPad Mini
  • * Introducing the iKlip 2 for iPad – a newly designed multi-angle lightweight universal iPad microphone stand adapter.
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    Product Description

    Put Your iPad Right Where You Need It

    Introducing the iKlip 2 for iPad – a newly designed multi-angle lightweight universal iPad microphone stand adapter. We’ve taken the hugely successful iKlip Microphone Stand Adapter and made it even better and easier to use. Now take your favorite iPad music apps to the stage for live performance with solid, dependable secure support and multi-angle global positioning.

    We’ve Got You Covered

    The new iKlip 2 for iPad is easy to use in any live setting – onstage, in the studio, at school, at home or in the boardroom. With its new ball joint multi-angle adjustable design, you can securely position your iPad for optimal viewing and accessibility, while all controls, buttons and connection ports remain free from obstruction. Plus, the iKlip 2 can now be attached to beefier mic stand poles – up to 1.2″ diameter.

    Up There in the Air

    iKlip 2 is now compatible with the Apple’s sleek new iPad Air and iPad Air 2. Just snap in the included adapters and your iPad Air/iPad Air 2 will fit snugly into your iKlip 2.

    Note: iKlip 1 is not compatible with iPad Air adapters.

    MINI Me

    The iKlip 2 is also available for the iPad mini (iKlip 2 for iPad mini) and securely holds your iPad mini at the perfect viewing and performing angle.

    Cutting-Edge Italian Design. Solid Construction. Rotational Freedom.

    The iKlip 2 is entirely Made in Italy and is constructed from dense thermoplastic molded components, which provide extreme durability and secure holding abilities under the most demanding situations. This material is also extremely lightweight, making it the ideal, stable option for most stand types. iKlip 2 features a new ball-joint design so you can freely rotate and position your iPad for the optimum viewing angle. Now you can quickly and easily switch from horizontal to vertical orientation without additional tools.

    The Right Support for a Multitude of Apps

    As a guitar or bass player, you can now use iPad onstage with AmpliTube as your guitar amp and effects unit, iRig, iRig STOMP or iRig HD as your interface, and, thanks to the iKlip 2, have all controls accessible right in front of you on your mic stand. Or if you use tablature and scoring apps, use iKlip 2 to put the iPad within easy viewing range for learning and performing.

    As a vocalist you can now have the perfect companion for showcase performances: create and share set lists with your band members, complete with scoring, lyrics and notes. Everything you’d use on stage with your iPad is now within your reach. Use the iKlip 2 for iPad with your VocaLive app and iRig MIC to add stunning effects and harmonies to your vocals in real time.

    Got a DJ, sequencer or instrument app? Klip 2 can also be mounted on a tabletop mic stand, making it the perfect performance accessory for DJs or for musicians who play virtual instruments.


    * Sturdy, durable thermoplastic construction with sure-grip touch points – securely holds your iPad without scratching or marring it
    * Universal Fit- holds any iPad (except the original model) without additional adapters
    * Universal stand mount clip securely attaches to virtually any microphone stand up to 1.2” in diameter
    * Multi-angle and multi-rotational adjustment allows precise positioning for optimal stage or studio viewing
    * Quick-snap clips provide fast, secure iPad insertion
    * Fast installation — iKlip installs on your mic stand in seconds with the twist of a knob
    * All controls, buttons and connectors are accessible when your iPad placed in the iKlip
    * Ball-joint positioning system provides quick 360° rotation for any viewing orientation
    * Can be mounted on the vertical part of a mic stand, or on a horizontal boom for limitless positioning
    * Designed and manufactured in Italy

    What’s New

    * Compatibility with iPad Air and iPad Air 2, using included adapters

    Use it for

    * Score viewing during musical performance and playback
    * Viewing notes and presentation materials during live presentations/performances
    * Learning tool – use your tablature and notation apps to learn songs and riffs
    * Use it with AmpliTube for iPad to play on stage or practice at home
    * Use your favorite iPad music creation apps like GrooveMaker
    * DJs – now you can use your DJ Rig app live — mounts to tabletop stands as well as standard mic poles
    * Use with karaoke apps for live “play along” singing – whatever your favorite iPad app, it’s now within your reach

    * iKlip 2 for iPad

    – Dimension: 190 x 185 x 155 mm / 7.48 x 7.28 x 6.1 in
    – Material: Thermoplastic

    * iKlip 2 for iPad mini

    – Dimension: 140 x 145 x 155 mm / 5.51 x 5.71 x 6.1 in
    – Material: Thermoplastic

    * iKlip 2 for iPad

    iKlip 2 for iPad is compatible with iPad Air 2*, iPad Air*, iPad 4th generation, iPad 3rd generation and iPad 2. (* Using included adapters.)

    * iKlip 2 for iPad mini

    iKlip 2 for iPad mini is compatible with iPad mini 3, iPad mini 2 and iPad mini.