Pioneer DAS-XLR030R

* 4-Core Twisted wire
* Neutrik XLR Plugs
* Braided Copper Shielding
* Damage resistant black nickel plating

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Product Description

DAS-XLR030R ideal for use with Pioneer and other DJ equipment in the market, these cables are designed to achieve high noise resistance, provide increased dynamic range, and offer high reliability and durability.

Connecting Features

The Pioneer cables feature high quality materials and an advanced construction process that significantly suppresses noise and obtains a high S/N (signal-to-noise) ratio.

  • 4-Core Twisted Wire – The XLR cables use a 4-Core twisted wire for balanced audio transmission.
  • Braided Copper Shielding – Each cable uses braided copper shielding to resist any electrical and/or static noise from entering through the cables.
  • Cable Construction – The cables also feature high pliability construction and neoprene rubber to keep the shielding in place for maximum suppression of noise. Netting is used around each cable for extra protection against damage to the outer insulator.
  • Neutrik XLR Plugs – Used in the professional entertainment industry, Neutrik* plugs are featured in the XLR cables for their durability and reliability.
  • Black Nickel Plating – All plug covers have been coated with black nickel plating that is highly rigid and resistant to damage.

*Neutrik is a registered trademark of NEUTRIK A.G.