Pioneer XDJ-AERO

Discontinued Product

* New wireless DJ system “XDJ-AERO” for home DJ
* DJing with tracks in smartphones and tablets via Wi-Fi

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Product Description

Wireless control possible using smart phones and tablet connected by Wi-Fi

  • Performance functions of XDJ-AERO can be controlled simultaneously using iPad, iPhone and iPod touch that installed rekordbox™ by Wi-Fi. Also DJ play can be enjoyed using music stored in each of these devices (Max four devices). Likewise, the same operations are also possible with the Android OS version of this application. In addition, the included “rekordbox™” music management software for DJ play enables DJing with music stored inside Mac and Windows PC.

Player and mixer combined, and can also be used as an independent 2-channel mixer

  • The combined structure of two players and a mixer means users can DJ with this device alone. The mixer part is equipped with ports for the connection of external hardware such as CDJ players and turntables, etc., so it can also be used as an independent 2-channel mixer.

Various effects for musical arrangements and mixing with simple controls

  • A combination of JOG controls with effects enables a wide range of arrangements and mixes using music and built-in sound sources with a simple control.

Automatic mixing of two pieces of music with one-touch controls

    Simply press the “SYNC” button and you can synchronize the music that is being played by each player.
    By loading Playlists created with “rekordbox™” stored in smartphones, tablets, PCs and USB storage devices to the device enables you to playback the Playlist in order using cross-fade*4 or fade-in/fade-out.

Slim and stylish design looks good in interior spaces

  • The device has been given a slim and stylish design to look good in any interior, with a smoke-colored acrylic panel around a slim, rounded case, and blue and white LEDs illuminating the low-profile JOG and control buttons.

Direct recording to USB storage devices

  • With a USB port (Type A) on the top panel, DJ mixes can be recorded directly to USB storage devices. Recorded DJ mixes are stored in WAV format for listening on smartphones, tablets and PCs.

High sound quality design for clear and powerful DJ sound

  • High sound quality has been achieved by using audio circuits from professional DJ equipment in the master-out parts. In addition, the player and mixer audio processing blocks have been produced as one chip, and full digital processing has facilitated DJ play with clear sound while minimizing distortion/noise from A/D-D/A conversion.

Other functions

  • High performance channel fader with slider for smooth operation.
  • AUTO BEAT LOOP*3 for automatic music LOOPS at specified beat positions.
  • “QUANTIZE” function*4 automatically makes corrections when the specified beat has been strayed from during AUTO BEAT LOOP & BEAT EFFECT.
  • LCD screen supporting display of music in 18 languages.
  • Independent three-band equalizer.
  • DJ software MIDI/HID control possible.
  • Built-in high-quality audio interface.
  • Environmentally-friendly “Auto Standby Function” that switches the power to standby mode when there is no operation or input for a certain period of time.