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Voxoa C60

Rp 6.195.000

* The VOXOA C60 Digital Mixer and MIDI Controller – a 2-channel standalone digital DJ mixer with MIDI/HID interface and internal sound card.
* With an astounding amount of features, slim tabletop design and high quality sound.
* Also acting as an audio interface (with a 2 in/2out stereo soundcard included).

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Product Description

Real Digital Mixer

The VOXOA C60 is a REAL 2-Channel digital mixer. It is able to process audio inputs for external devices without a connection to a computer, as a dedicated mixer unit would. The C60 provide diversity input selections included Line, Phono, USB, DVS direct, Aux-in. which enable to add CD players, turntables, effects, samplers and more to you DJ setup.

DVS Direct Mode

The C60 can operate with DVS direct mode for DJing software using vinyl or CD control time code signal. It perfectly integrates with traditional vinyl feeling and advanced software features. Under the DVS direct mode the external audio can implement effects from DJing software.

Bundle with VirtualDJ LE

It comes bundled with Virtual DJ LE, Audio/Video/Karaoke mixing software. The C60 is MIDI-mapable and compatible with other popular DJ programs. The unit interfaces seamlessly with Mac® OSX and Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 operating systems.

Intuitive layout and 4 Decks Control

Each side of the unit can control up to two decks with visible deck color change for intuitive, straightforward operation. Maximum 4 decks control by switching through with the DECK selector.

Build-in sound card and High Quality Audio Characteristics

The C60 includes a high quality 16bit/48kHz 2in/2Out (Stereo) Audio interface which enables you to input and output high-quality sound. The build-in audio interface has superb audio characteristic, generated by TI 24 bit stereo D/A-A/D converter.

Illuminated High-resolution Touch-sensitive Jog Wheels

The high resolution, touch-sensitive Jog Wheels can accurately reproduce hand scratching effects of vinyl records. Around the Jog Wheels are light rings for visual feedback. The lighting ring shows the current point and direction of the music. The Jog Sensor adjust knobs for speedy and accurate adjustments the C60’s jog wheels have excellent tracking ability, and flexibility for various DJing styles.


Mixer Section Functions and Features

  • Inputs: Line/Phone x 2 (RCA), MIC x2 (6.3mm), AUX x1, USB type B x 1
  • Outputs: Master x 2 (balanced and RCA), Booth x 1, headphone x2 (3.5mm and 6.3mm)
  • Stand-alone 2-Channel digital mixer
  • Build-in 2In/2Out (Stereo) sound card
  • High quality audio characteristics
  • Matrix inputs select for diversity inputs
  • Easy replaceable crossfader with curve adjust knob
  • Three-band EQ with Full output kill function for each channel
  • MP3 player and tablet pad friendly Aux input
  • 2 MIC with level control, tone adjust and auto talkover function
  • Headphone with level control and cue mixing
  • Dual headphone jack 6.3mm and 3.5mm
  • Booth out with level adjust knob
  • Dual 10 LED monitor display (selectable PFL or Master output)

Software Control Functions and Features

  • DVS direct mode for timecode DJing software
  • Optional bundle with VirtualDJ LE
  • Bundle with low latency ASIO driver
  • Intuitive layout design and 4 Decks control
  • Illuminated high-resolution touch-sensitive jog wheels
  • Jog wheels sensor adjust knobs for each wheel
  • Durable large-size Cue ,PLAY and Cue Play buttons
  • Dual functions cross fader for VirtualDJ (Audio/Video Cross fader)
  • Dual FX units control with 4 knobs and 4 buttons for each unit
  • Independent 8 samples buttons for sample deck or sample bank
  • SHIFT key in two sides for various dual-button operations
  • Function setting software and firmware updatable
  • 110 control elements included 76 buttons, 21 knobs, 6 encoders, 5 faders and 2 jog wheels
  • Perfectly control the newest DJing software functions include loop recorder and sample deck
  • Control Video transition and video effect for video DJing software


Power Source:     DC12V, 2A

Dimensions:         (W)410mm x  (L)275mm x  (H) 44mm

Weight:                  3.2Kg

LINE:                        47K OHM /-14dBV(200mV)
47K OHM /-14dBV(200mV)
47K OHM /-50dBV(3.16mV)
MIC:                        10K OHM /-54dBV(1.99mV)

MASTER :                                 1K OHM /0dBV (1V)        ± 2dB
BOOTH :                                   1K OHM /0dBV (1V)         ± 2dB
BALANCED:                              600 OHM /1dBV(1.123V)    ± 2dB
PHONES (load=32 ohm)        3.3 OHM /4.0dBV(1.60V)     ± 2dB

LINE:                                         20 – 20K Hz                        ± 2dB
AUX:                                         20 – 20K Hz                         ± 2dB
PHONO:                                   20 – 20K Hz                         ± 2dB (RIAA)
MIC:                                          20 – 20K Hz                        ± 2dB

THD + N:                   
LINE:                         LESS THAN 0.02 %     @ 1KHz
AUX:                         LESS THAN 0.02 %     @ 1KHz
PHONO:                   LESS THAN 0.2 %     @ 1KHz
MIC:                          LESS THAN 0.2 %     @ 1KHz