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Voxoa P70

Rp 4.990.000

* P70 a digital multi-media player, P70 support multiple music formats to satisfy the demands of professional DJs.
* P70 plays music on CD/CD-R (CD, Mp3, Wav Format) and USB flash drive (Mp3, Wav Formats).
* It even is a MIDI controller and supports most integrated DJ Software applications.
* P70 has patented ACP (Active Cue Point) technology which mimics a phonograph needle and sticker note on vinyl records and is more intuive and accurate for scratching and juggling on CDJ or digital player.
* P70 provides three digital effects (echo, flanger and filter), sampler function, and four hot cues setting, all of which lets DJs mix and process sounds for richer, more dynamic performances.

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Product Description

A precise 130mm digital turntable equipped with eight lit modes makes for comfortable operating by visual feedback, even in the darkest venues. linkup connection function allows two P70 to share an external USB music source. Vinyl mode simulates the torque effect heard in starting and stopping a record. VOXOA TUNEBOX® allows you to arrange music files, make playlists, and save files and database settings in USB flash from PC. When you connect the USB flash drive to the player, the player will initiate the database to accelerate the speed of access music files while DJing. The no-stops and faster playback you to jump quickly from song to song without interrupt.

The strong functions of P70 allows you to fully mix music, satisfying your creative impulses and bringing audience appreciation to new highs, making P70 the choice of professional DJs and experimenters

MIDI Interface Controller (PC/MAC) 

In this new era of DJing, more and more DJs utilize computer and DJ software for their performances. In order to satisfy DJs requirement, the P70 is also designed to interface and control a variety of popular DJ software applications that support USB MIDI interface. DJs can assign virtually every button on the control panel to trigger functions of various DJ software programs. Moreover, The A/B deck switch design allows control of from one to two play decks.

MP3 Playback

The P70 can read, display and play MP3 files written to CD-Rs providing DJs with the ability to store more music on a single media or for extended playback time. Files can be searched for easily either manually, or by scanning or using a number of file search functions including File search and File/Folder search. Additionally MP3 ID3 tag information can be viewed on the display.

External USB Device Support

In this digital era, USB devices become the most convenient for music collection. P70 can support external USB mass storage devices. Connect an MP3 player, thumb drive and large hard drives for easy access to of up to 255 folders, each of which can hold 999 files in Mp3/Wav format.

VOXOA TUNEBOX database builder software

Free downloadable VOXOA TUNEBOX software makes reading and searching files much quicker and easier. The VOXOA TUNEBOX scans all of music files in your USB mass storage devices and then creates a database file by which you can guickly locate files in your music library.

Memo Points with 4 Trigger Pads

P70 can help you locate music via four memory points per song. Memory points can become hot cues or loops. From CD/MP3 disks, P70 can save 2048 memory points to be recalled later when a track is cued in from the CD drive. Memory points for USB devices are limited only by your USB memory capacity. This memory function can be used like a mini sampler for vocal, melody, or beats, adding that touch of creativity to any DJ set.

Four Independent 5-seconds Sample Bank

The innovative P70 with on-board sampler unleashes creativity and fun during performances. Simply press the sampler key to activate sampler mode. The player plays samples from the internal memory bank simultaneously with the playback. For every sample bank, a 5-second sample can be saved and played back. Moreover, when the sample is playing, you can adjust the pitch and volume for the sample through the jog wheel.

3 DSP Digital Sound Effects

The P70 supplies the DJ with three different types of on-board effects, including ECHO, FLANGER, and FILTER, to enhance creativity in performances. Also, effect parameters Time and Depth can be adjusted independently via the jog wheel.

Multi-functional Touch Sensitive Jog Wheel

The high resolution, touch-sensitive Jog Wheel can accurately reproduce hand scratching effects of vinyl records. The Jog Wheel can also perform other vital functions such as pitch bending, scanning, frame searching, parameter control for effects, and pitch/volume control for sampling.

Jog Wheel Lighting Ring

Around the jog wheel is a light ring. Because digital jog wheels don’t turn like their turntable predecessors, the lighting ring shows the current point and direction of the music. Nine different lighting modes show the way for your performances.

Vinyl Speed Start/Break Adjustment

To simulate the sounds of vinyl, P70 has vinyl mode. Two separate control knobs allow you to start and stop the music with the same effects you hear on vinyl — the sound of the motor picking up speed and the sound of the motor slowing to a stop.

A.C.P. Active Cue Point

P70’s innovative design gives DJs the ability to control up to five cues including one normal cue and four hot cues. DJs can use these cues to perform creatively. The Active Cue Point (A.C.P.) is a visual indicator located in the 12 o’clock position of the jog wheel. It helps DJs find the cue point and scratch. Every time DJs activate a cue, the start point of the cue instantly shifts to the 12 o’clock position. The cue always begins at the 12 o’clock position, and the lighting ring can indicate this with a blue light on the position. DJs get an intuitive reminder and convenient operation, both visually and operationally.

Auto Beat Loop

You just need to set the loop-in point, and auto-beat-loop function automatically sets the loop-out point and perform the loop play according to the track’s BPM (Beat Per Minute). Moreover, there are 11 different loop lengths from 1/64 bar to 16 bars.  You can choose and change loop length anytime you want and auto-beat-loop function will  instantly  play that loop length to create fantastic rhythm effect.

Next Track Function          

This unique function allows DJs to select the next track during playback, without interruption the currently playing track. It helps make for a smooth, perfect mix.

Disc Slot-in Loading Mechanism

The quick-loading, fast-reading slot-in mechanism provides a variety of audio CD/MP3 disc support: CD, CD-R, CD-RW, and CD-Text.

Link Up Two P70s

With VOXOA’s new“LINKUP”technology, you can link two P70s via a USB cable to share a single external USB mass storage device from just one player. DJs don’t need to have several USB storage devices for different players and can easily manage music resources from one storage device.



– Reliable Anti-Shock playback with buffer memory

– Disc Slot-in loading mechanism

– Link up two players

– Automatic and manual tap beat counter

– Sleep function for reducing power consumption

Media Types                                                 

– Support for CD / MP3 playback with text display

– 2 USB sockets for external USB device support

– All control elements are MIDI compatible

– A, B deck switchable MIDI setup

– ID3 TAG and CD text support


– Instant start via 1 bit technology (8 fold)

– Next Track pre-selection track function

– Instant playback from cue point

– Fader start to control playback on fader move

– Relay play function

– Single and Continuous play modes

– Vinyl emulation with adjustable Start /Brake Speed

– Reverse play mode for special effects

– Cue Play function can back to cue and play instantly

Data Search                                                           

– Track and folder searching system

– Search/Scan via large jog wheel

– Frame search for precisely searching

– VOXOA TUNEBOX software for fast searching massive USB device

– Onboard file and folder browsing


– Innovate A.C.P. Active Cue Point indicator system

– Auto cue function cues track to start of music

– Seamless loop function / reloop function

– Loop out point real-time adjustment

– 4 independent hot cues/loops banks with real-time adjustment

– Auto Loop function with 11 selectable bar lengths

– Every track can save 4 hot cues/loops up to 2000 for CD and unlimited for USB drive

– 4 independent 5 second samples with pitch and volume adjustable

Pitch Control                                                           

– Adjustable pitch range ±6%, ±10%, ±16% and ±100%

– High quality 100 mm long pitch fader

– Micro pitch with a resolution up to 0.02%

– Pitch bend up to ± 100%

– Key Lock allow a track’s tempo to be changed without affecting the original key of the track

Jog Wheel                                                             

– Touch sensitive jog wheel for scratching

– Jog wheel lighting ring provides instantaneous visual feedback

– Jog Wheel illumination with 9 different modes

– Multifunctional jog wheel for frame search, pitch bend, sample adjustment and effects adjustment

– 3 modes for jog wheel: Normal CDJ, Scratch, Cue Scratch

– A Cue Scratch mode – touch wheel return-to-cue function


– 3 superb beat synchronized digital effects

– Build-in Effects: Echo, Flanger, Filter

– Effect parameters Time and Depth adjustable via Jog Wheel

– Beat select/bank button


– Especially bright dot-matrix VFD display for all functions

– Large extra bright display for all important functions

– Display playing address

– Elapsed/remain time display

– Displays text for ID3 tags and folder names for easy navigation

– Text display for navigating folders on MP3 CDs and USB flash drives


– Digital S/PDIF output

– Headphones output with volume control

– Analog RCA outputs